Best Sump Pump Brands of 2012: Choose the Brand That Fits You Best

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Best Sump Pump Brands of 2012: Choose the Brand That Fits You Best

Households within the great river basins or near the shores of the seas and lakes are more exposed to flooding, as compared to the houses located on the higher grounds. However, flood rains are possible almost everywhere, so having a sump pump is a wise decision for any housekeeper. The question is which sump pump brand is the best solution for your drainage system? Let’s find out, based upon the multiple customers’ feedback.

First you will have to decide which type of the sump pump you need – pedestal or submergible. Pedestal pumps have their motors placed outside the pit and rotate the pump with a long insulated shaft. This makes them a lot easier for installation and maintenance and much cheaper; they commonly have Ѕ HP power and are intended for years and decades of reliable and trouble-free service.

However, having their motors outside, those are relatively noisy during operation and ring loudly when switched on. Thus said, those pumps are the best choice for households with deep basements and thick walls, or for calm sleepers. They also need much less place for the sump pit, which is another clear advantage.

The best pedestal sump pumps according to the sales amount and feedback are:

  1. Wayne (more than 70%),
  2. Little Giant,
  3. Superior.

The other type of the sump pumps are the submergible ones. Those pumps are placed into solid cast case and hermetically sealed. Being placed whole in the pit they produce much less noise (actually you will notice their work rather by the rapid decrease in water volume in the pit, than by the noise). However, they do need quite a wide sump pit and last much less, due to inevitable corrosion, so they will most likely work for only 15 years, instead of 25-30 for some of the pedestal pump models.

Their price is also significantly higher, but they are able to pump enormous amounts of water (up to 7000 gallons per hour instead of modest 4000 of the pedestal pumps); they are a solution every owner of the household in the frequently flooded area must have.

The pumped water also cools down the motor on its way up and out the basement, which is another benefit pedestal pumps do not offer. This excludes the possibility of your pump being overheated and broken in the middle of the flood rain. Paying several hundred dollars for the pump instead of spending several thousands to repair the flood damage is definitely the best choice you can make.

According to the sales rates and sump pump  reviews from our customers, the best brands for the submergible pumps are:

  1. Zoeller (more than 80%),
  2. Wayne,
  3. Superior.


0 Best Sump Pump Brands of 2012: Choose the Brand That Fits You Best

Of course this article is not a predefined answer to the comparison between those two main types of the sump pumps or the best brands. You should pick the type and the mark of the pump that meet your needs and expectations most and consulting with your agent is recommended. Feel free to subscribe to get the latest news and offers about the sump pumps!

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